My List of Questions

See Post #2I sent them a list of general topics- questions that I would have changed or added to in actual conversation.

What types of technology are available to patrons and staff? (Computers, e-readers, portable devices, etc.)

Is there any equipment that needs to be signed out for temporary use?

How many computers are available at Woods Memorial Library? How many are used by the staff?*

What are the different types of software the library uses?

Does the library use a cloud service?

How are the computers networked?

What type of internet connection is available to patrons?

What service provider do you use?

What type of security measures are taken on the internet (virus protection) as well as the library’s physical technology equipment?

What type of web portal does the library use? Who maintains it?

Who (if anyone) from the Woods Memorial Library helps maintain the Pima County Public Library’s website? (The calendar of events that are specific to each library.)

How does the library maintain and repair their technology? Is there someone on staff who can fix a general problem if it arises? Do the librarians have basic training on troubleshooting?

What would you say is the library’s annual proportion of spending for technology resources?

What do you offer for assistive technology?

Is there a new piece of technology the library wishes to acquire?

Do you offer a unique service at this library or in this county in general that others don’t?

* A question I’ve added after the fact.


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